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John Papastergiou on leading current pharmacy practice into the future

January 18, 2021

John Papastergiou, arguably Canada's most famous pharmacist, business leader, educator, and pharmacy innovator, has joined us in this episode to tell us about the utilization of pharmacogenomics (PGx) in pharmacy practice, the changing role of pharmacists, and a groundbreaking study that showed the effectiveness of PGx for treating depression in a pharmacy setting. 

Show Notes: 

How can community pharmacists shape the future of pharmacogenetics?

We’ve had a great conversation with John Papastergiou, a pharmacist and pharmacy owner who has not only implemented pharmacogenetics into his store, but has also conducted a study within his own pharmacy that proves the effectiveness of PGx in pharmacies for treating depression.

  • 0.24 - John’s Background

  • 1:52 - His work as a community pharmacist

  • 5:23 - The changing role of pharmacists

  • 8:47 - How services become commonplace

  • 12:07 - John’s experiences with pharmacogenetics

  • 13:36 - Proving that pharmacies can implement pharmacogenetics

  • 21:46 - When PGx is the key: a patient story

  • 25:16 - Reimbursement: the path to becoming the standard of care

  • 28:35 - The importance of a holistic approach to prescribing

  • 30:08 - What are the next steps?

  • 33:00 - Hear more from John


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